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15 + 16 May 2015
A Lab, Volkshotel & Radion, Amsterdam
Audiovisual art,
digital culture & music

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FIBER Festival: the place for artists and visitors to experience cutting-edge audiovisual art, design, code & electronic music.

Exhibition—15 till 18 May
Workshops & Meetups—15 May
Symposium—16 May
AV, Music and Performances—16 May
Club Night—16 May

Within the recurring FIBER Festival we present the forefront of audiovisual performances, interactive installations, artist and company showcases and cutting-edge electronic music in one unified experience. The festival invites upcoming talent, established artists and curious visitors to meet, showcase and share their views, expertise and experience.

After a break of nearly three years we return with the third edition of FIBER Festival, which is centered around the theme The Subterranean. The event will take place on Friday the 15th and Saturday 16th of May at the cultural hotspots A Lab, Volkshotel, and Radion in Amsterdam. The exhibition will run from Friday 15/05 (opening in the evening) until Monday 18/05.

We’ll present a full programme of installations, audiovisual performances, DJ & live sets and workshops. For those who are curious and/or experts on the subject, we’ll be organizing a symposium with panels and meetups between artists, designers, coders, theorists and a dedicated audience from the Netherlands and abroad.

We hope to welcome you at FIBER Festival!

The Subterranean

With this year’s theme: The Subterranean—Exploring Networked Tools and Matter, we investigate the use of digital tools to create, navigate and excavate a hidden digital landscape.

With ‘Subterranean; Exploring Networked Tools and Matter’ FIBER researches – together with makers, thinkers and our festival visitors – groundbreaking forms of art that offer a peek into a networked and ‘smart’ landscape which has emerged from a worldwide explosion of digital technology.

We focus on the question: What is the influence of this often invisible technological layer, fusing with our daily lives. Which worlds, processes and entities lay hidden behind the surface of our computer screens and ‘smart’ user products?

Join us to descend into The Subterranean, the underneath secret, hidden worlds, and get to the bottom of invisible processes. Where artists and designers develop complex (soft- and hardware) tools, traversing big datasets, creating new landscapes, building up from new configurations of digital and physical matter. These undeniable expressions allow us to experience data, light, matter and space in a unique way, and allow us to experience different and new types of sensibilities.

At the same time, we can’t deny the dark side of the networked landscape. With several devices embedded in our surroundings and connected to the internet, the question arises how these developments influence our private, social and cognitive actions as human-beings. How can we come to terms with the development of ‘smart’ technology that invades and takes over human functionalities? And how do these developments relate to mass-surveillance by governments and corporations in the post-Snowden era? Sensors, software and algorithms function outside the human reach, yet, they control our perception of reality and structure our surroundings. The new landscape consists of hybrid matter that connects the human to the non-human.

Our theme The Subterranean: Exploring Networked Tools and Matter shows how artists and designers, equipped with their digital tools, explore and excavate the corners and tunnels of the digital, showing the pitfalls and poetics of the hidden technological layers. They show us digital entities, methods and strategies to tap into the dark, they share their critical observations and teach us how to be invisible or ‘hack’ a system to subsume it to your own benefit. The Subterranean could thus be perceived as a double world, representing light and dark, the visible and invisible, the utopian and dystopian. We invite you to descend.

“Any landscape is the condition of the spirit.”

Henri Frederic Amiel (Philosopher, Poet)

Festival Team

Festival director: Jarl Schulp
Programme manager: Fabian van Sluijs
Communication manager: Eva Verboon

Curatorial Team
Jarl Schulp – AV & Music performance, exhibition
Fabian van Sluijs – symposium, exhibition, education
Luuk Meuffels – club night, club scenography
Carolien Teunisse – exhibition, screening programme

Julia Nuesslein – lead
Bram Snijders – technical

Eva Verboon – marketing, PR & communication
Sietse van der Meer – communication, social media
Jessica Dreu – communication, documentation & visual communication
Tanja Busking – videographer
Studio Naam – graphic & web design

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