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15 + 16 May 2015
A Lab, Volkshotel & Radion, Amsterdam
Audiovisual art,
digital culture & music

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Club Night — Location: Radion Sat 16 May, 20.00 - 00.00 hrs

Planet 3778 (2015) / Daniel Berio IT/UK
/ installation

Planet 3778_Daniel Berio

InPlanet 3778’ we float through dark and eerie artificial architecture. The computer generated structure will be processed through seemingly endless variations of geometrical patterns and overlayed colors.

Date: 16 May
Location: Radion
Time: 20.00 – 07.oo hrs

It feels like a construction of the future, where algorithms constantly merge environments with untraceable transitions. Daniel Berio made this work for the Luminous Light Festival in Greece. Now, we’re happy to present these haunting projections on the concrete walls of our night venue Radion, where you can submerge yourself in its hypnotic patterns. 

Daniel Berio is an artist, programmer and researcher from Florence, Italy. At a young age Daniel became actively involved in the international graffiti-art scene and his work became well-known in Italy, Europe and the USA. Since then he has developed a professional career as a graphic designer and later as a programmer in video games, multimedia and audio-visual software. In 2010 Daniel moved to the Netherlands where he worked as a graphics programmer for the VJ software company Resolume. In 2013 he obtained a Master degree from the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag, where he started researching methods of simulating his graffiti-drawing style algorithmically and developed drawing machines and installations materializing the output of the generative-graffiti process. Today Daniel lives in the UK where he is continuing his research at the Computing Department of Goldsmiths University in London.



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